Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The Valencian PMR programme will assess the exportation of the PMR model to Egypt

By the end of April and early May 2007, the biologist Joan Pérez-Botella, representing the expertises' team working for the Generalitat Valenciana in the Plant Micro-Reserves programme, will visit the St.-Katherine Protectorate (SKP), Sinai peninsule (Egypt) to assess the 'Medicinal Plants Conservation Project' (MPCP), leaded by Dr. Mohamed El-Demerdash (University of Mansouri). The MPCP is supported by the United Nations Development Programme and the Global Information Facility, and is devoted to ensure and make in value the relationship between the local communities and the wild and cultivated medicinal plants in the SKP territory. One of the phases of this project includes the adaptation of the Plant Micro-reserves model to the SKP, so Dr. El-Demerdash requested the cooperation of the Valencian team, which will provide in situ assessment on the reserve location and choice, landmarking, management and planning. Information on the Medicinal Plants Conservation Project is available at the webpage www.mpcpegypt.com